Indian natural incense

Cruising India for 15 years, in search of the best products and the real know-how of Indian craftsmen continuing to work with traditional methods, we have discovered the pearl of natural Indian incense. It is in South India that most of our natural incense is made, while another part comes from northwestern India. Our craftsman, Mujeeb, with whom I am here pictured, is part of an old family of perfumers and incense makers and he is a perfect continuation of this ancestral tradition.
It was after our meeting and our discussion around the famous incense "Nag Champa" (the best known and most sold range in the world) that he proposed me to test the one he produced. And here it was a real emotion and a pleasure to feel the burning of this divine incense, that I decided to produce many other natural and authentic perfumes with itself. Our common experience started with local products that he had never used before in his incense production such as Cardamom, Coconut, Eucalyptus, Green Tea or Mango ... While Jasmine or Fresh Sandalwood were already classics of high quality in its range. Thus, every year, we embark on the realization of new perfumes, lately have been created Monoi, Lily of the Valley, Sage and Lilac, all excellent. Our range already extends to 60 perfumes, we will strive to offer even more choice for even more fun. It is a real pleasure for us to make you enjoy all these original and unusual scents in classic incense. We wish you a pleasant visit on the site and nice olfactory discoveries when you order on

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